From the director’s desk

Education for the new age.

The world today is no longer defined by borders or walls, we live in a time of globalisation. A time where in your children are citizens of the world, the walls are disintegrating, they are sharing more than a space, they are sharing ideas, out looks, problems and solutions. We are in constant preparation for a future we cannot predict and here in lies the challenge. The challenge in armouring your children for a world that’s not only out of our reach but also beyond our comprehension and imagination. And here is where education equips us. Today, in these complex times the mere capacity to respond is not enough, the world demands clarity, conciseness and yet depth. It is through education that our responses develop and vary, through its exposure, it’s experience and through that awakening that we are inevitably defined.

The world has become more open than its ever been and so the need of today is to develop an educational system that is global in its functionality and sensitive in its individuality, one that develops our capacity to grasp and enables our consciousness to question. At Prakriya we do not educate for survival, we educate for excellence, for progress, and most of all for possibility. Education today must elevate the mind and sustain the spirit. With the building of character must also come compassion, creativity and competence.Our aim is excellence, so that when your children share any platform with the world let them stand as equals in opportunity, in exposure and knowledge and if they are ever defined let it be by their Grit, their Will and by their Humanity.

At Prakriya, we are no longer educating for the future. We are however educating – The Future.

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