A Truly International Curriculum For New Age Schooling

For Middle & High School

The curriculum which is rich and diverse prompts creative and critical thinking skills in children. It also provides flexibility and a varied number of subject options at middle and high school. students have the advantage of choosing subjects before the reach high school, the option of taking up an extra subject or exempting one are one of the many benefits of international schooling.

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Subjects Offered

English | Math | Economics| Business Studies| Individual Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)| Computers| Information and Communication Technology| Accountancy| Languages (French, Hindi, Tamil)| Global Perspectives| Art & Design | Environmental Management

From here we intend to bring to our students greater variety in subject options year on year. We at Prakriya have strived to bring this world of enriched wonder to our students through careful consideration of the prospect of the subject, it’s potential avenues of application and the interest it will peak for the student.

Training and Certification of our Faculty

Our teaching faculty are trained in accordance to the Cambridge International requirements to ensure the syllabus contents are delivered as it should be. Our teachers regularly attend subject based and grade based training every year. We ensure that the Teaching faculty is well equipped with the necessary certification and qualifications.

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